Here is my concern;


Chloe1103, my daughter has been playing on the public server for a while, but earlier this week she signed on to find she was in jail. I of course asked her if she had done something or even if she had received a message saying what she had done. She was not aware of anything and received no message. Of course I knew it was possible she had done something wrong, accidentally or intentionally. Since she is 9 and only uses accounts and services I set up for her I went to the page: and clicked the link for "If you have been banned or jailed from the Minecraft Me Public

Server:  Click here!".

The page says to "Please copy and paste the below in the start of a new thread.".

So I did started a new thread. To which I was told I had posted it in the wrong section (the page did not say which 'area' to post in, just 'start a new thread' (again, I had followed the link from so I had not chosen a specific section of the forums).

I was also told SHE would need to create an account and plead her case. Even though at the time did not know what she was accused of.


Soon after karnack was nice enough to post:

From her Arrest Record:


Charge: Griefing Sheep farm. X -1380, Y16, Z1376

Sentence: Jailed to aa23

Term: Indefinite


Notes: Player destroyed several fences and gates allowing the various colored sheep to escape.

Although most of the farm was not claimed as it was a "PUblic Sheep Farm", it was clear that this was a functional operation and not abandoned.


Screen prints available from hawkeye if needed.




Was jail a bit harsh? Perhaps, but that is up to the mods/admins I will just have to agree to disagree.

I asked Chloe if she recalled doing this and she told she did not remember do it. Does that mean she didn't do it? Of course not. I will assume she did do it (probably without intent to harm anyone though, but I will assume she did do it).

My issue is that she was never given a reason for being jailed (indefinitely) for this. Could you say she needs to appeal her jail time? yes. However, it would be impossible for her to appeal if she is never told what she did wrong.

Can't someone send a message (mail) to the person when they are jailed?

This part is my OPINION and can be disputed... Assuming she did as she is accused, should she not at least be warned that breaking a fence on public land is not allowed? If she had asked me, I would have told her not to do it, but I would not have kicked her from the game.


Ps. How CAN you tell if something is abandoned or if no one has a claim on it? I have not been to the specific location so perhaps there is some way to tell, but I can not easily think of away since things don’t “deteriorate” on their own when they are abandoned.

pps. I have since gone to that location and I can not see how the sheep could escape. The farm is near bedrock with no way out.